Willie Flaherty

Hi! I'm Willie. That's me to the right, in water color. I'm a creative guy living in the Midwest with a ton of interests. I'm a software engineer by trade (writing software for airplanes in C, currently) but I like writing code outside of work too. I'm mostly interested in the web and mobile technologies and all the perspectives they have to offer us.

I'm really interested in problems we have everyday and how technology can solve those problems and make life better. But I'm also into silly things, more specifically, generators. I love writing code to generate things. Mostly things I might find hilarious.

Like I said I'm a creative guy so lots of different things capture my interest. Check out my projectiles tab for some stuff I'm into or have done. If you like something I've done, if I can be of service to you some way, or if you'd just like to say hi, send me an email!